Professional Skin Care at home

The ultimate solution for wrinkle reduction treatment without needles and tears. A unique multifunction device in our range of luxury beauty devices for home use. This device combines different techniques to both confront and prevent different aging signs.

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No1 Must-Have Skin Cleanser

If you really care about your skin health, this is a necessity for your beauty shelf. This unique pulsating silicone face brush is specially designed for deep facial cleansing including the T-regions, by softly touching the skin. The 1500 silicone bristles vibrate at a rate of up to 8500 vibrations per minute. The brush cleans the skin from impurities and excess oil and at the same time promotes blood circulation, massages and regenerates the skin from inside. The skin feels immediately fresh and radiant. The waterproof and rechargeable brush has two types of silicone bristles of different size to fit different skin types. The vibration intensity is also adjustable for better comfort. The lower intensity is used for massage and the higher intensity is used for deep cleansing.

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Say goodbye to Acne

Blue LED-light therapy is a proven and effective method to treat acne. Through LED (Light Emitting Diodes), light energy is gently transmitted to the deeper layers of the skin. Photoreceptors in the skin cells are activated, and the process leads to damage repair and new cell growth.

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