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5 in 1 Anti-aging Beauty Device

999,00 kr


REGEN C-NOVE is the ultimate solution for anti-aging treatment without needles and tears. This device combines different techniques like Galvanic ion therapy, Micro vibrations, Radiofrequency, EMS and LED-light therapy.


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Your ultimate anti-aging Beauty Spa at home

REGEN C-NOVE is an affordable luxury device for home use. This smart device combines many different technologies that are already being used separately at skin care centers. The main function of this device is by RF or radiofrequency which has a proven effect on collagen restoration by increasing skin temperature in underlying skin layers. Both red LED light and RF lead to skin rejuvenation. But it is not all!

Take a moment 2-3 times a week and give your face a spa treatment. You will soon become an addict when you get a firmer skin with a youthful glow.


  • Galvanic Ion therapy: Deep cleansing & improved absorption of skin care products.
  • Micro vibration: Ultrasonic waves massage the skin and increase circulation and cell metabolism.
  • RF/Radio Frequency: Stimulates the formation of collagen fibers.
  • Red LED light:  Anti-aging effect by cell repair and new cell formation.
  • Blue LED light: Anti-inflammatory and antibacterial effect. Decoloring pigment freckles.
  • EMS/Electro muscle stimulation tightens underlying facial muscles and increases circulation.