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Facts about Skin Care


What does your skin need?

The skin ages like the rest of the body, but you can delay this process. Wrinkles are due in part hereditary landings but also cause by some other factors.

Factors that only you can influence:

Sun: One of the main factors that ages the skin is the sun. It is inappropriate to expose (in particular for people with light skin) for strong sunlight for several hours in a row or possibly burning the skin. The excessive of modern sunbathing behavior also increases the risk of skin cancer diseases. What is best then? Listen to your skin. Extra sunbathing does not help with more accumulation of vitamin D. Please use a day cream with

sunscreen against harmful radiation and pigment stains but do not overdo your sunbathing because you have one protection. The best advice is to sunbathe right early in the morning or late in the afternoon and preferably wear a hat and protective clothing.

Sleep: Dark circles and swelling under the eyes usually occur in connection with insufficient sleep. One good and regular sleep during the night for 6-8 hours is a prerequisite for small occurrences of skin damage should be repaired.

Stress: The skin reflects the soul and how you feel. It's not a myth that beauty comes from within. Inner calm and balanced soul makes you feel good and radiate beauty. Regular relaxation exercises and physical exercise helps reduce stress levels and strengthen the body's immune system. That is an important reason for the body to fight free radicals, inflammation and increase the cells ability to repair and innovate.

Smoking: Strictly forbidden if you want to maintain youthful skin. It's never late to start cherishing your skin and it's never late to quit smoking.

The Diet: Drink enough and eat a lot of fruits and vegetables. Best way to provide skin with essential building blocks needed for cell repair and renewal is to eat right. Stick to plate model and eat a lot of fruits and vegetables. Examples of vitamins that are of importance to one healthy skin are vitamin C, E, A, K and B complex.